Community Service

Community Service at Odyssey School is designed to encourage our students and families to partake in both our community and the larger communities in which we live. Doing community service can strengthen our ties to the community, promote empathy, and give us greater insight into how we function and interact within a greater world.


Our community service program is two fold with in-school and independent service programs:

    1. Our in-school program entails working with different organizations to expand our students understanding of the different facets of community service and different social, cultural and environmental environments. These experiential learning opportunities are educational in nature and are done during school hours either as a class or with the whole school.
    2. The independent service program has each student doing a minimum of 30 hours of community service outside of school hours. Our students identify issues and either in small groups or independently work with an organization, or organize fundraisers or a drive for the targeted organization. A small group of Odyssey Students working with a faculty advisor gathered over 600lbs of canned food for 2nd Harvest Food Bank last year, another raised over $1000 for Greenpeace.

Download the PDF of ourĀ Community Service Program Requirements 2015-16.

Some of the groups we have worked with are: