Welcome to Odyssey

          Welcome to Odyssey School’s new website!  My name is Stephen P. Lane and my title is Head of School but all Odyssey community members, including the students, call me Steveo.  As Odyssey School’s instructional leader, I have the honor and executive privilege to announce the annual theme for each year.  Last academic season, my inspirational message embraced vital mountaineering tactics to convey an overall strategy that Odyssey community members might employ both in school and in life.

Shifting Winds Aloft: New Routes To The Summits Of Our Dreams

          During the last 4 decades, I have led middle school students on manifold learning expeditions in the United States and abroad.  I am proud to say that my students have safely cycled, backpacked, climbed, hiked, and kayaked a cumulative total of over 2.2 million miles.  My students always looked unique in terms of their “school uniforms.”  Their unfashionable footwear choices included cleated cycling shoes, light hiking boots, mountaineering boots, 12-point crampons, snowshoes, and even wetsuit booties.  In addition to specialized shoes, my students have consistently displayed a deep intellectual curiosity as well as a firm commitment to both individual personal best and overall team success – in the classroom and on the mountain.  Notwithstanding a healthy dose of grit and perseverance went a long way when students were ascending to the heights of their educational passions and dreams.

          Odyssey School is clearly different from many educational organizations.  The institution is a stand-alone middle school that specializes in the narrow bandwidth spanning the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years.  At the heart of Odyssey School is its community and the main protagonists are the governing trustees, dedicated teachers, committed students, supportive parents, and proud alumni.  Our small enrollment reflects a 21st century pedagogical design parameter that allows us to create the best educational trajectory possible for each and every student.  We leave no stone unturned in this quest for exceptional outcomes for all.  Our main campus, Base Camp, communicates our core belief that nature is an essential element for overall student strength and success.  It also conveys the fundamental trust that a superior educational platform consists of experienced adult guides mentoring an intimate group of diverse students, waypoint by waypoint, through the navigational challenges of adolescence towards the true north of personal achievement.

          I maintain a logbook that indicates I have spent 849 nights in a tent, to date, surrounded by my middle school students and their teachers.  This is equivalent to 2.32 years in a small nylon shelter!  I look forward to many more years in Odyssey’s outdoor and indoor classrooms and I cherish those remarkable venues and our school’s talented human capital resource for synergistically contributing to the magical alchemy we affectionately call “an Odyssean education.”

Thanks for visiting our new website and come visit us at the coordinates below!

Base Camp Advanced Base Camp
Latitude 37 Degrees/32 Minutes/03 Seconds North 37 Degrees/31 Minutes/12 Seconds North
Longitude 122 Degrees/20 Minutes/58 Seconds West 122 Degrees/20 Minutes/48 Seconds West

“The World Is Our Odyssey!”